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Friday, June 7, 2013

End of the School Year Nostalgia

I always feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia on the last day of school, so I probably shouldn't even attempt to write a blog post today, but I want to. As a mother, I'm torn between wanting my children to stay young and innocent forever and watching them grow into amazing adults. Do you feel this way too? While hubby says it is our job to raise them and send them out into the world as independent adults, I would prefer slowing down that job. I've been blessed with four wonderful children, and while none of them is perfect, they are certainly entertaining. 

I'm taking all three of my boys lunch today as it's their last time as a second, third, and sixth grader. While none of those are milestone years for our schools, every year feels like a milestone in my heart. I remember when my oldest was in second grade and thinking how enormous those fourth and fifth graders looked at school, and way too soon my boys have become those "enormous" school kids. 

This summer, in an effort to devote as much time to my children as possible, I will only be posting once a week. I'm sure you'll understand. After all, our kids are only young once.

I'll be sharing this post at some of these parties here.  

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  1. I know your feelings. The end of this school year was a huge deal for me. My oldest boy becomes a Sophomore, my middle boy becomes a Third Grader and my youngest boy becomes a Kindergartner. All my children will be in school next year so many tears will flow in the next few months.


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